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Paris Fashion is preparing for the Balmain fashion festival

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Paris Fashion, Week kicked off Wednesday with a bang, with atmosphere and excitement surrounding Balmain's nighttime fashion-music.

Paris Fashion, Week kicked off Wednesday with a bang, with atmosphere and excitement surrounding Balmain’s nighttime fashion-music festival extravaganza. 온라인카지노

A star-studded charity event including the latest designs, members of the public, and performances. Cher performed a last stroll as part of the show.

Here are some highlights from the spring-summer 2023 shows.


Olivier Rousteing proved once again that he is one of the world’s greatest showmen, putting on a festival for Balmain in a massive stadium.

Of course, the best celebrity moment of Paris Fashion Week had to be when the designer emerged at the finale arm in arm with Cher.

To shouts from the audience, the 76-year-old Oscar winner walked the red carpet in a marbled

Spandex bodysuit, plunging neckline, platform heels, and the house’s iconic peaked shoulders.

Just had the finest time on stage, felt fantastic,” she tweeted shortly after.

Balmain said it was celebrating the best in food, music, and fashion within the pop-up hamlet equipped with stands — in western Paris’ Jean-Bouin stadium —

More used to hosting rugby matches than spandex suits. 10,000 tickets were made available to the general public in exchange for a charitable donation.


Some visitors would be forgiven for forgetting that the focus of the occasion was the outfits.

The ensembles, which mixed ready-to-wear and couture, had some memorable moments,

Result of the Balmain design teams rummaging in the jungle for organic materials.

One unusual bustier was made from the bark of chestnut trees

While basketweave looks were made from materials found in bogs and meadows, all softened in water for an ethnic effect.

But this event was also an emotional and cultural investigation for Rousteing, who has been public

About his adoption and just discovered that his biological parents were from the Horn of Africa.

“Of course, the influence of Africa is fairly obvious throughout,” the designer added.

(The discovery) just helped to deepen my lifelong passion with the beauty, traditions, and designs of that region.


For Courreges, a circular sandy runway with a descending column of sand in the center evoked the sands of time — or the film “Dune.”

The soundtrack’s off-kilter and slightly frightening rhythmic cadences gave the show with a sanitized, pared-down vibe.

Courreges has evolved into a brand that emphasizes a signature mood over a characteristic style

And designer Nicolas Di Felice enjoys infusing ambiance into his designs.

Spring-summer styles kicked off with a spin on the crisp white shirt, with a voluminous shirt dress carrying the simple and sporty vibe beautifully.

Models wore bare feet or naked footwear on occasion. Di Felice used the runway to put fashion ahead

Twists on ordinary goods like a denim jacket, denim skirt, or flared pants, such as snipaways, toggles, sheeny space fabrics, and deconstruction.

With its sheer materials, a sports vest, for example, was given a kinky twist.

It’s a strategy that works well with André Courrèges and his wife Coqueline’s iconic company,

Which was launched in 1961 and became linked with the Space Age design.


The age of email and increased environmental awareness does not appear to have had much of an impact on the fashion industry’s outmoded invitation system.

Season after season, gasoline-guzzling couriers crisscross Paris, hand-delivering ever-more-detailed, often handcrafted, show invitations.

Top houses compete for the most bizarre or imaginative idea, which typically hints to the theme of the runway collection. 카지노사이트

A beautiful red tropical flower, designated as an anthurium by the floral dictionary, arrived in the mail for Loewe’s invitation.

To keep the flower alive for the length of Fashion Week, the bottom of the stem was linked to a cutting-edge humidity capsule.

Meanwhile, Saint Laurent’s invitation was a stylish black patent leather wallet with a metallic “YSL” on top and the show card hidden within.


The Belgian fashion guru was back on form for spring with an usually unpindownable collection tied together only by the aesthetic of its looseness.

Fashion forward all-black ensembles — an enormous masculine tuxedo worn on a bare chest,

Or an Asian crossover coat — bloomed into brilliant sequins, pastels, then ruffles and florals in the 64-look show.

There were plenty of artistic plays: one lace-like black top had rib-like ribbing that looked quite Elizabethan.

Female models were purposefully chosen for their boyish looks, amid a plethora of menswear variations on the womenswear wardrobe.

The softness seemed to be a recurring theme, with floppy layers of fabric, draping tassels caressing

The warehouse venue floor, and enormous proportions in sleeves, skirts, and billowing slacks.

This was Van Noten, the original, enjoying a good time.

Jun Takahashi’s Undercover was dressed up with a twist.

This season, the streetwear-inspired Japanese designer went cutting crazy, ripping the shoulder off a bright yellow oversize tuxedo

Slashing tears in a fancy white shirt, or slashing suit sleeves, slacks, and the lapel on an otherwise classy double breasted jacket.

Japanese anime was present, as it had been in prior seasons. The double top known haircuts of several of the models gave off a comical vibe. 카지노 블로그

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