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EXCITING NEW DESIGN, The summer is finished, and we've returned to our desks to find that the web's, designers, and developers.

EXCITING NEW DESIGN, The summer is finished, and we’ve returned to our desks to find that the web’s top app builders, typeface designers, asset creators, and developers have been hard at work to create this massive collection of intriguing new tools for designers and developers. 온라인카지노

CSS Examine

Forget about right-clicking a webpage to inspect its code. CSS Scan is a browser extension that allows you to inspect and copy the CSS styles of any element.


Slicons, a collection of 300+ pixel-perfect icons, can help you create eye-catching UI designs.

Light, regular, and bold versions coordinate with your typography and are compatible with Figma, Sketch, XD, and Iconjar.


Codex is an IDE addon that allows you to code comment like a pro. Any member of your team has the ability to submit comments, queries, or notes to any lines of code. 카지노사이트


Gradientify, a collection of 100+ stunning, human-designed gradients, allows you to join the gradient design craze. Copy the CSS or get free PNGs.

Ninety Bitmap Shapes

Using this editable set of 90 Bitmap Shapes in vector form for Photoshop, Sketch

And Figma, you can create distinctive logos, social media assets, apparel, and abstract icons.

Block Bee

Using BlockBee, you can get compensated in cryptocurrency. The Web 3.0 payment infrastructure is compatible with the most popular ecommerce carts

Including Presta Shop, Open cart, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Flat file

Flat file, a CSV importer that prepares human-edited data files to reduce errors and speed up B2B onboarding, can help you forget about the hassles of importing CSV data.

Clip Drop

With the Clip Drop plugin, you can easily cut backdrops from photos in Figma. Backgrounds, objects, people, text, and faults can all be removed with a single click. 카지노 블로그

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